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Ancient Syria



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History of Syria

Succeeding Caliphates and Kingdoms


Syrian emperors of Rome


Ancient Syria


Muslim empires


Umayyad Caliphate


Ottoman Empire


Syria hotels

 Many 5 stars Syrian hotels are available in Syria .

 many of Syrian hotels are  international .

the Syrian hotels  in Damascus are : Sheraton  hotel , Meridian hotel, Cham Palace hotel, Four Seasons hotel, Carlton hotel and other international and Syrian hotels , with more than five hundred  Syrian hotels . with different classification  suitable for all different people revenues .
,there are many youth Syrian hotels and university houses  in most Syrian cities .

for more information about Syria hotels please visit Syrian page click here





Syria handcrafted furniture

Bedroom furniture

Bedroom furniture set

Bedroom furniture table

Bedroom furniture chest

Bedroom furniture chairs

Bedroom furniture cabinet

Bedroom furniture dresser

Bedroom chest of drawers

Bedroom furniture armchairs

Wall display

 Fabric textile 

Silk fabric

Silk brocade

Traditional dress


Brass lamp

Glass lamp

Brass chandelier

Glass chandelier

Wall lantern

 Hanging lamp


Aleppo soap



Mosaic stone

Mosaic wood

Hookah shisha

Islamic pottery

 Interior decors

Damascus swords

Handcrafted jewelry 

Hand painted glasses




Bumble Bees, Alternative Pollinators of Hormones for Blossoming Flowers in Syria


Bumble Bees, Alternative Pollinators of Hormones for Blossoming Flowers in Syria

Damascene Mosaic, a Deep-Rooted Art

Tal al-Khwaira….Great Civilizations Dating Back to the 3rd Millennium B.C

 Small hotels flourish in Damascus

Palmyra - Source of Inspiration for Seekers of Architectural Mysteries


Bumble Bees, Alternative Pollinators of Hormones for Blossoming Flowers in Syria

The Experience of using bumble bees as pollinators in alternative of hormones is widely spread in Syria recently.

Director of Homs Agricultural Department Zafer al-Sabbagh said that the technology of bumble bees is first used in Homs this year on pollination of tomato.

It is a pioneer experience due to the bumble bees' high capability of bearing the unnatural circumstances, where the bees can preserve their activities on 5 centigrade.

He added that using the bees leads to increase the average of blossoming to 100 percent instead of 70 percent for using the hormones, taking into consideration the standing dispute on preventing the usage of hormones in the greenhouses. read more


 Damascene Mosaic, a Deep-Rooted Art


The Damascene wood mosaic is one of the oldest, most distinguished traditional handicrafts in Damascus, giving its houses a unique beauty and earning considerable popularity among Syrians and tourists alike.

This handicraft uses various types of colored wood to make the veneer, such as rosewood, Eucalyptus, walnut, almond and lemon wood, in addition to seashells which are imported from Asia. The main body and structure of the mosaic pieces is made from beech or walnut wood.

Tal al-Khwaira….Great Civilizations Dating Back to the 3rd Millennium B.C

The successive kingdoms in Raqqa have played an important role in its development on the humanitarian and knowledge levels reflected by its archeological ruins.

The archeological ruins in the city show the architectural and cultural developments it has witnessed such as Tal al-Khwaira site to the north of Raqqa near the Syrian-Turkish borders between al-Ballikh and al-Khabour rivers.

Tal al-Khwaira is an important big archeological city whose buildings and streets are one of the first architectural designs that was similar to Damascus city in the old ages and reflect how advanced were the nations who have lived in it.




Small hotels flourish in Damascus

The "Old City" of Damascus, Syria, was once a run-down slum. Now foreign tourists are flocking to the ancient, walled quarter with its historic buildings. And their business has prompted a boom in boutique hotels. 

Bob Moon: A little over a week ago, there was a meeting of tourism ministers from eight Arab nations. They gathered to discuss the effects of the global financial crisis on travel in the region. Today, they've got more to worry about, now that Al-Qaeda has claimed responsibility for that failed air attack over the weekend and called for an "all out war on crusaders. read more


On track to bridge railway shortage

More than century ago, the Hijaz railway linked Medina in the west of the Arabian peninsula to Damascus in the Levant and Istanbul on the edge of Europe.

But then the first world war erupted and the line was repeatedly attacked by Arab guerrillas working with Lawrence of Arabia - assaults from which it never recovered.

A creaking service was revived between Damascus and Amman for a few years up to 2006, using grubby carriages that were habitually stoned by village youths. But damage to the track stopped the service.  read more






Palmyra - Source of Inspiration for Seekers of Architectural Mysteries
Syria (Palmyra) Taken in by the legendary beauty and great fame of Queen Zenobia, dozens of travelers, men of letters, artists, researchers and archaeologists from all over the world venture to visit Palmyra to admire the splendor of its architect and grandeur of its archeology.

Director of the Berlin Institute for Culture Karina Klok, also enchanted by the beauty of Palmyra, came to figure out the mysteries and philosophy of the art of sculpture and ornamentation of Palmyra.

Specialist in world cultures and holy religions, Klok explained that a merge of civilizations occurred in Palmyra, at the center of ancient world trade routes, where cultures of the countries along the Silk Road blended together, from China to India and through Bilad al-Sham (Greater Syria) on the Mediterranean to Central Europe

read more

Basalt Stone …A Raw Material for Important Qualitative Industries in Syria


Amal Arafah films new drama


Syria, Turkey sign trade treaties

Second Hosay commemoration begins tomorrow


Forum Palestina; fighting for a cause
Unprecedented Turkish Interest in Syrian Art


Economic downturn hits Syrian Christmas


Third railway gate between Turkey-Syria opens


Syria Ranks High in Citrus Production and Quality


Syria's youth flaunt new wealth


Maaloula, Syria: Where the language of Jesus lives on


Solaf Fawakhrji did not cheer for the Algerian soccer team



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