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 For shipping cart we choose the cheapest method which is the standard airmail for weight  less than 20 kgs and air freight for more than 20 kgs .

if you want another way of shipping you have to choose the Order form .


We ship by 4 ways :


standard airmail   for quantities less than 20 kg:



Arab world-middle east-europe:


   - first kg : 24USD  and 8 USD for the next kg .

including tax and handling on our side


Other countries :

 - first kg : 26 USD  and 9.5 USD for the next kg .

 including tax and handling on our side
time of receipt : 2-4weeks

2- Aramex : around the world.
a-less than 10 kg : 36 USD for the first kg and 22 $USD for the next kg .
b- more than 16 kg : 36 usd for the first kg and 19 USD for  the next kg .
time of receipt :  4-6 days

including tax and handling on our side

3- air freight :


Arab world-middle east-europe:

  about  4 USD for every kg for quantity 100-kg
    and 3.5. USD for quantity more than 200 kg including tax and
handling on our side


Other countries :

  about  5 USD for every kg for quantity 100-kg
    and about   4.5 USD for quantity more than 200 kg including tax and
handling on our side
time of receipt : 2-3 weeks

4-Sea freight  : minimum quantity 2 square meters
490 USD for every 1 square meter
time of reciept : 3-5 monthes



5- Volumetric weight


 What is the difference between actual weight and volumetric weight and what will I be charged for?

Actual weight is exactly what it means, the weight of the package. Volumetric weight takes into consideration the dimensions of the package, so if you order a tall vase, the package volumetric weight will be calculated based on the length x width x height divided by 6000.
 , we calculate both the actual weight of the package and its volumetric weight; the larger figure will be applied to your package. This procedure is followed by all airlines and freight forwarding companies.

6-Payment :
1-prepaid money transfer for quantity less than  5000 USD(
2- 50% prepaid and the other money against good for the quantities more than
5000 USD
3- Letter of credit for container.



door -to door courier services


This is the fastest way of shipping: your goods They will be delivered within 3-7 days.

The Courier service  are  ARAMEX


Unlike all other shipping services, with  ARAMEX  you can track where your consignment is. the Syriangate.com will send you an E-mail message with a tracking number of the parcel (after dispatch). You can visit the website,and, using the given number, see where the items you have ordered are.

The delivery can be delayed slightly only if the customsí control in your country is very strict.

Please note that this method cannot deliver to a PO Box - you must provide a physical (street) address.




Standard airmail


Goods ordered this way will reach you after 3 to 4 weeks. Delivery time depends on:



1. Your location (country):

  • the frequency of flights to your country or the route the parcel must follow, if there is no direct flight. ( Syria has frequent and direct flights to most major points in the World)
  • effectiveness of postal services in your country
  • strictness of customsí control in your country


2. The overall load of work of different postal services at a given time of the year (for example during Christmas or Easter postal services are usually more busy)



Customs and Import Duties Information


You may suffer import duties or taxes, which are levied once the parcel reaches your country.

Additional charges for customs clearance must be borne by you: Syriangate.com has no control over these costs and cannot foresee what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country - you should contact your local customs office for further information.



Handmade gilded and

silvered hookah




mother- of- pearl inlay

and mosaic


Hand painted  glass cups-

lamps -cutleries


Traditional handmade

 brass lamps





 notorious pottery


handdmade olive soap


Laurel oil  

natural 100%



Fabrics Damascene


natural silk


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Laurel Soap

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Hookah Shisha
Interior decors


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