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History of Syria

Succeeding Caliphates and Kingdoms


Syrian emperors of Rome


Ancient Syria


Muslim empires


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Ottoman Empire



Syria was here in Mari and Ugarit , where AsSyrian, Sumerian, Phoenician, Babylonian, Egyptian, Greek and Roman empires and cultures met and Interactioned
 In Syria, Man discovered the mysteries of Agriculture, Metallurgy, and contrived the foremost alphabet



Ministry of Tourism Begins Implementing Tourism Quality Program

Nov 12, 2009

Damascus, (SANA) The Ministry of Tourism began implementing the National Program for Tourism Quality after preparing the special procedures for most of its articles and points.

The program has nine points: rehabilitation of tourist sites, setting the classification and prices of tourist facilities, applying the standards of quality, liberating prices, implementing the travel advice program through a website, applying the consumer protection law, training during work for tourist facilities staff, rehabilitating tourism lodgings, renovating and rehabilitating facilities, and preparing projects on public and private properties.

The program's points aim to rehabilitate all tourism facilities and sites, provide the necessary technical and services qualifications, and apply quality standards in accordance with the ministry's decisions and regulations, Zuhair Ardamli, an official at the ministry said.

The ministry also prepared a plan to complete the preparation of tourism projects on public and private land in order to put them into investment and establish tourism facilities that meet the growing demand, he added.

The 10th five-year plan focused on the necessity of developing tourist promotion and marketing and following professional promotional plans and methods that relay the true image of Syria and its history, civilization, heritage and historic sites.

 H. Sabbagh / Kh. Aridi

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