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Damascus history has place to call home
Originally published November 15, 2009

By Patti S. Borda
News-Post Staff


Damascus history has place to call home


Photo by Sam Yu


Hanging a Damascus history throw blanket are Ray Olsen, left, and Pat Williams as Julia Beall, 9, watches them.

  Society has a building and materials for its first exhibit on the Damascus Volunteer Fire Department.

For at least five years, the museum will be on county property at the site of the library and senior center. The society has an option for two one-year lease extensions.

"By then we hope to have a permanent site," Olsen said.

The new facility consists of two trailers provided by the Montgomery County Board of Education. The community contributed more than $50,000 in cash to refurbish the trailers.

Contributions of legal, landscaping and architectural work are worth more than $100,000, Olsen said.

"We have been just so fortunate," she said.

For its first year of operation, the museum will focus on revolving exhibits of several months' duration. More volunteer docents are needed; so are items to put on display, Olsen said.

Artifacts and pictures from sports organizations, clubs and other community groups would be good.

"We need volunteers to donate stuff," Olsen said.

Initially the museum will be operated on a limited schedule but should be open full time within the year.

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