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Art in Amrit

Azar Vaults 

Amrit Ruins

Tal al kazal

Water Tunnels


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The ancient city of Amrit is only 7Km far to the south Tartous. A small Knoen river, called Amrit River or Martias River, penetrates it. It spreads over about -6- square kilometers. It is considered one of the most prominent cities on the Cannanite- Phonecian coast. Aryan mentions that it was the main city in the continental part of Award Kingdom.

The archeological digs showed that it was established and inhabited by the Amorites at the end of 30th century and the beginning of the 20th century B.C.

It was mentioned in Tohtomes the third raids under the name: Kurt Amroot. Alexandar's chroniclers mentioned it under the name: Maratous, saying that it is a very prosperous city and might be biggest city in the east .

It was subject to Arwad and constitute with it an alliance that joined paltous ( Arab al-Molk ) , Balania ( Banyas ) and Carna ( Al-Qarnain ) .Also , it was a centre of expansion to the Arwadians on the coast , building their homes , stores , factories and cemeteries there . This is clear because of the scattered ruins over large areas . The Tokens refer to the existence of a port which was filled up because of the erratics and the collected and the frith .

It flourished during the Persian role , and grew when Alexandar came and he found it big and rich .

He received the delegates of king Darius in it , and the rude diplomatic letters were interchanged between them .


Amrit disengaged from the domination of Arwad . in the late 3rd century B.C precisely 219 B.C - , and the harted widened between them . so, the Arwadian destroyed it in the mid of the 2nd century B.C- 148 B.C as Dior the Sicilian narrates . Then Astrabon mentioned the destroyed city of Amrit, and that the Arwadian had shared its land .

Amrit LOST ITS POSITION DURING THE 1ST ROMAN ERA . Then it came back to build its glory in the decline of this era and the Byzantine era . This is what the dig's primary results refered to in 1992.

Then it was neglected and the crusaders used its building's stones in the fortifications of Tartous and Amrit .etc . So, it became an easy quarry of stones till recent past .

The explorer Bokuck visited Amrit in 1745 , and registered some of his seeings . Also , Earnest Rynan came and did archeological investigations in 1860 .

In 1926 , Maurice Donan made archeological digs in the lodging of sacred things, and found a group of ex-voto statues . The digs of the General office of Ruins and museums continued , represented by Dr. Adnan al-Bounni and Prof.Naseeb Salibi . In my turn , I continued the digs and instaurations for several season in it .

The ruins of Amrit shimmed many museums , such as the Loover-France , Beirut and American University Musuem Lebanon , and the National musuem in Damascus and Tartous museum Syria




1-Art in Amrit The coins of Amrit The Religion 

 2-Amrit Ruins The Temple   Amrit Hill   The Rock House   The Mauseleums

  3- Azar Vaults Al-Buzzak Tower Al-Buzzak Tower  Rom  Al-Zaha     The Port 

4-Water Tunnels The stone Wall   Kherbet Allebneh  The Human Settlement

 5-Tal Kazal 

 Ramat Al- Bassah / Hamad Land /Tal Almontar Tabet Alhamam Samerian Hill

 Tal Leha 


Art in Amrit

Azar Vaults 

Amrit Ruins

Tal al kazal

Water Tunnels


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Hand made gilded and

silvered hookah



mother- of- pearl inlay

and mosaic


Hand made  glass cups-

lamps -cutleries


Traditional hand made

 brass lamps



Syrian hand made

 notorious pottery


Laurel soap

with olive oil

natural 100%


Fabric -textile Damascene

natural silk


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