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History of Syria

General information

Damascus Ma'loula


Homs Palmyra

Hama Apamea

Sweida shahba

Daraa Bosra

Latakia Ugarit



Art in Amrit

Azar Vaults 

Amrit Ruins

Tal al kazal

Water Tunnels


Deir Ezzor Mari







1-Amrit Ruins  The Temple   Amrit Hill The Rock House The Mauseleums


( الشراريف Sharareef )

- The Temple :

It is a trough digged in the rock . It is measures are / 56.33 cm 50.49 m / . whereas , its pool is / 38 48 m / . It has a corridor , columns , and thresholds decorated by Sharareef. Among them , there are gargoyles engraved like the lion head in a presian style . The water of the corridor's roof inclines toward the pool . In the eastern wall , there is a holy spring , and an engraved canal in its eastern and southern which is used for purgation , and another one digged in the corridor for drinking .Whereas , the drain is situated in the northern side .

The temple is centered by the alter which is decorated by Sharareef and corbels of Egyptian style . It was dedicated to Melkart ( The Vulnerary god ) .

The roaming around the alter is done in the corridors or by small boats in the surrounding pool .

Lucian , the historian , had mentioned an a like temple in Monbej ( Heirapolis ) . Several seasons of digs and instaurations had been made . Fictile vessels were found such as purgamy plates , decorated ,tazzas , ex-Voted sculptures , Rhodesian jars' ears , and glass crack . It goes back to the 4th or 5th century B.C .  

  The existence of holes in Columns' corners worthsmention . It allows to put the finger the finger of the sick or hang something maybe the corban



Amrit Hill


It is the most famous hill in the area . And it is considered the residential city . It is / 140 110 m / , and no more than / 17 m / high. Near it , there is a sprung for drinking know as the hill spring , and another one ( about 300 m to the west ) know as the spring of life .

Several seasons of digs were done there . Proffessor Donan , Dr. Albuni , and Mr.Salibi . had participated in them in the ( 4th 5th ) century B.C . levels , the 1st Bronze age and Mid Bronze age levels / 1750 1350 B.C > / , and another exploration about / 5 m / deep between / 200 / 2150 / B.C . This is the period which the Amorits , had established some cities on the coast , and Amrit could be considered from this era .


- Sacred things loding :

It is located to the west of the temple . It is a hillock ( small hill ) Know as the quarry . Mr.Morice Donan found , in 1927 , a group of statues and parts of statues engraved of lime stone impressed by the Egyptian , Presian , and Cyperian art .

Also , the digs' seasons of the fifties brought about statues ' heads crowned by bay and some fictile toys from the ( 4th  - 5th ) century B.C . they are exhibited in Damascus , Tartous , and Arwad museums


The Rock House

People Knew it as the church site . It is engraved in the rock . It western frontage is / 30 m / long of different heights , and it is about / 80 m / thick . It consists of three rooms whose walls are from the rock itself .

- The Stadium

It is about / 300 m / to the north and eastern north of the temple , engraved in the rock , and worn in some of its parts . Insomuch , some parts of it were removed . It is eastern parties like a horseshoe with tow corridors which allow the contestants to go in and out of the playground . Also , there is another corridor in the southern part like a tunnel . It is / 230 30 m / . It consists of seven gardes , and seats about / 11200 / spectators .

Imprinted Rhodesian pots and parts of huge pots with crosses and different saddles were found in it . It looks like the stadium of Alice city in Greece with a slight different in length . It could be considered one of the Olympiad stadiums in which games were taken place at that time ( running


The Mauseleums

 (الشراريف Sharareef )


A-  The Mauseleum : It represents funeral statues or huge engraved tomb stones which belonged to the kings of Amrit and Arwad , or therich . It is from the ( 5th 6th ) century B.C . Since , there aren't any writings , so the owner is unknown .

- The First :  It is pyramidal . It consists of a cubic  base which ends by corbels , and , over it , there is a barrel crowned by a pyramid . It is entered through a corridor having stairs engraved in the rock . Next to it , there are individual tombs . The corridor ends by tow successive rooms : the first one contains individual tombs , while in the second , there is a terrace in the middle to put the householder's coffin .

- the second : It has domes . It is a square base headed by a barred decorated by Sharareef , followed by another barred , smaller than the first , in the form of a dome decorated by Sharareef. An engraved corridor leads to the vault . It has stairs which reach two successive rooms .

B- ACollective vault : It is located slightly to the east of the mauseleum . It contains tow rooms and individual tombs and another vault having long individual tombs .

C-  A memorial : It has a cubic form . It consists of tow masses of huge stones . Having corbels by impressed the Egyptian art.

D-  Individual or collective vaults : It spreads over large areas like wells engraved in the rock . The individual tombs are distributed inside them


Wajdy Moustapha


1-Art in Amrit The coins of Amrit The Religion 

 2-Amrit Ruins The Temple   Amrit Hill   The Rock House   The Mauseleums

  3- Azar Vaults Al-Buzzak Tower Al-Buzzak Tower  Rom  Al-Zaha     The Port 

4-Water Tunnels The stone Wall   Kherbet Allebneh  The Human Settlement

 5-Tal Kazal 

 Ramat Al- Bassah / Hamad Land /Tal Almontar Tabet Alhamam Samerian Hill

 Tal Leha 


Art in Amrit

Azar Vaults 

Amrit Ruins

Tal al kazal

Water Tunnels



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